Product Care

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Product Care

Protect your investment and know how to take care of your Futon purchase.

Most Futon Mattresses should be regularly rotated and flipped over so you are evenly using both sides of the mattress to avoid compressing in one area. Do not try to wash your Futon Mattress, getting the mattress wet will result in your futon getting moldy. Always purchase a removable cover and/or a Futon mattress protector it will save you from having to replace the entire mattress should an accident happen!

Futon Frames should not be forced when opening and closing if you have to force it, STOP, you are doing something wrong. Call or stop by the store for a lesson to refresh your memory or watch our on line video. In the event that something should break, Futon frames are made up of main component pieces and each part can be replaced if under warranty.

Futon Covers are all removable and are either machine washable or dry clean. If you are not sure check with the store, we will gladly look up your order and let you know how your cover should be cleaned. Most covers have a 3 sided zipper so changing the look of your sofa could not be easier!

Upholstered Futon Sofas do not have removable covers and are therefore not as easy to clean. For peace of mind, we recommend purchasing a maintenance plan that will cover any accidental stains or damage that might happen to the sofa.

If your mattress is slipping down on your frame you need a Sticky mat; this goes under the mattress on the seat part of the frame, a simple but effective solution to the problem.


Welcome to The Futon Company, South Florida's premier futon outlet. We have specialized in futon sofa beds for 20 years. With over 10,000 square feet of showroom space dedicated to futons, we ensure you receive the highest quality and selection.

Surprised that futon sofas look this good? If so, you will be amazed at their comfort. We offer 12 different styles of Gold Bond and Devon-chase Futon mattresses, including Pocket Coils and also Memory Foam. So you get to choose the seating and sleeping support that's right for you.

Your comfort is our priority. We feel we can help you make the best futon sofa and mattress selection at our conveniently located showroom in Ft Lauderdale.

Our extensive cover collection is available for purchase both online and at our store.

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